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As the speed of time progressed with abrasive and renewing effects on objects, I realized that sometimes objects around me repeated themselves and sometimes they halted and remained constant. Realizing that objects and subjects change in time while remaining the same and that they diminish and renew with motion creates a new horizon. This phenomenon, that objects transform, has been a new source of inspiration for seeing moments in a situation, different sides and points of view. The natural seeming transformation of objects as moments flow and the shift of convergence points opened the doors of a new phenomenon. All possibilities of existence are worn out based on the same time-space law and stabilize themselves in doing so. Existence in repetition seems like a wave of possibilities. By determining the variables and being neither in the moment nor out of it, I tried to capture this phenomenon on camera. This series was produced with the intention of pinning down the time that passed, presenting objects with their transformed forms and the flow of time changed them. Aestheticizing the everyday continuity-disengagement paradigm is similar to a mind matrix.

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