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The secret and impenetrable has always been intriguing. In this series, I wanted to present the visible and the invisible, the easily perceived and the overlooked behind hermetic sense in different dimensions. As I was curious to see cases that were self-explanatory in a mysterious dimension, I covered some parts of my shots with semi visible strips. Existence, which prevails itself in many different layers, is actually a mystery. No matter how much effort is put into it, it is not in anyone’s capacity to solve the mysteries of the universe. Approaching my work from this point of view, I believe photographs that will create mystery will provide an enigmatic conclusion. As this venture was first in my imagination, it caused me to create a weird atmosphere in my photographs. Creating magical patterns by optical illusions and collage is similar to intervening with existence. To be more precise, it is like playing a mimetic game on existence. In this series, I used a mysterious language with magic faces, self-appearing symbols, lunaira places, race of shadows with each other and light hiding in depth and disappearing.

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