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I discovered the astonishing light of New York during my photography work. This modern city occupies extremes competing with time and light via mirrored skyscrapers extending to the heavens. In fact, I think that in this city time flows more rapidly than ‘Accelerated Time’. When you look at New York from Liberty Island, you encounter a colossal, mythological being that pierces the sky. What’s more, strangely energetic flows of light frequently alter the city’s appearance. Capturing these astonishing light games with my camera was a very creative study for me. And, I have always been fascinated by the bright lights peculiar to New York, the large shadows that loom over the streets, the boulevards that are sometimes blacked out and how the city turns into a pile of diamonds at night. Capturing the surprises created by games of light and following it with my camera is one of the enjoyable pursuits in my profession.

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