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America liberated itself from the cultural patron ship of Europe with pop art. This revolutionary esthetic movement in the new world turned esthetics originated in Europe upside down. Bold use of unadulterated colors and usage of new forms made pop art the propellant of world art trends. This eccentric style of contemporary art has touched our lives and marked many areas. Setting out from this vision, I wanted to capture the vibrant and pop images of the city life of one of the cult countries, Cuba. Strolling around Havana, I noticed that vintage American cars such as Buick, Chevrolet and Ford cars had become symbols of the city. This and other observations I made led me to think that the out of time behavior of the Cuban people is very interesting. As this city remained in mid 20th century, the date pop art was born, it feels like time travel to recognize the footprints and trace the culture in the city. The plodding character of the country reminds me of half a century ago and evokes many memories. I saw how Cuban symbols such as Havana cigars, flags, medals, vintage cars and the never lacking dancing make the Cubans happy and keep them lively. The citizens of Cuba made me realize that real happiness cannot be compared to anything and I immortalized the permanent symbols of Cuban cities by pressing the shutter on my camera.

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