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Things that are supposed to be done every day as a routine sometimes turn people into machines. Life goes on while same obligations are repeated every day and similar behaviours are carried out. That’s how life is. On the other hand, without such a routine, one cannot grasp the transcendental either, because routine daily life forms the basis of the material world. In this photography series, I wanted to document the vibrant life flowing around a stable human figure. Life flowing around individuals, independent from their will, changes its form every second. You see that these human crowds flow in the streets like a river do, in fact always doing same things. Going out to work every morning, hurrying to some place, trying to catch the train or the ferry, shopping; all this rush creates the rhythm of everyday life. Since all crucial events just happen outside us, in such a permanent movement and the same vicious cycle, it is highly probable that one day we turn out to become robots. Maybe even now, we already are robots without knowing it. The reason why I reveal a society consisting of undifferentiated individuals and the monotonous aspect of life in my photographs is in order to emphasize how far we are from being different and to underline all our obligations. 

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