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I have always been interested in social movements, the position of the individual in society, the relations between society and politics and ethnic differences. We can say that the urge to evaluate all these facts visually is part of my character. The most crucial motive for me in using my camera is to document the variety of the human experience, and this creates the basis of the photographs I shoot. “OWS”, the protest movement that started on September 17th, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, New York, became an important phenomenon in itself for me. New York, a city known as the center of capitalism, became for the first time the scene of such a radical movement. This relentless speed in contemporary world where the global order gradually changes, social demands evolve, and climate conditions become different imposes us new rules of the cosmic era. Photographing Occupy Wall Street movement was like making comments on the end of the times. In my photographs within this series, I believe that I have made an aesthetical contribution to this most extraordinary event through my desire to leave to eternity the rebellion and claims of those young generations who want to change the world order.

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